Synthetic Peptide Antibodies

Fri Dec 23 09:17:49 EST 1994

Everything you say is correct.  However in addtion you can make quite 
good antibodies to the coupling agent.  We made several dozen mabs to 
peptide coupled carriers which reacted to any peptide coupled to any 
carrier.  so you also need to test your antibodies onBSAcouped to another 
peptide (in the carrier switch given in the previous post).

On Thu, 22 Dec 1994, SBehar wrote:

> You will definitely get anti-BSA antibodies, and there is no easy way to
> avoid this in the production of polyclonal antisera (although substractive
> immunization is a possibility but better suited for mice and the
> production of monoclonal antibodies).  However, one useful strategy is to
> immunize with the peptide conjugated to a carrier such as KLH, and then
> assay the antiserum using the peptide to another carrier such as BSA. 
> This way, the antibodies raised against the carrier will not be detected
> in the assay (for example, in an ELISA).
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