Lambda Zap II clone needed

Jonathan Kurtis Jonathan_Kurtis at
Tue Feb 1 12:07:57 EST 1994

I have just immunoscreened a lambda zap II cDNA library with a monoclonal
antibody and successfully plaque purified a putative positive clone.
Because the signal/noise ratio was not very good, I need to further
demonstrate that my clone is a true positive. I am planning on growing up a
prep of e. coli, infecting them with my putative positive, inducing with
IPTG and collecting the supernatent. I will then do a western blot on this
sup to demonstrate that my monoclonal binds to the induced fusion protein.
To control for this, I will need a plaque purified lambda Zap II clone that
codes (and expresses) for an irrelevant protein. Does anyone out there have
such a beast that they could send me?? I would be happy to return the favor
with an aliquat of my plaque purified positive. Thanks for your help.  
Jonathan Kurtis

International Health Institute
Brown University Box G-8033
Providence, RI  02912

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