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 I would list the following as an "Immunology Top Ten":
    (IMHO, of course)
  in no particular order,
 1)  "The Groove"- MHC structure and peptide binding site
 2)  The Immunoglobulin superfamily as a general structural model
          for receptors
 3)  Structure of the T-cell receptor (and associated CD3)
 4)  Gene rearrangment as the mechanism for generation of diversity
 5)  Mechanism of Superantigens
 6)  Role of Cell Adhesion Molecules in leucocyte extravasation
 7)  Signal transduction models for B and T cells (Ca++, IP3, tyr-p)
       and related identification of many tumor genes (myc, fyn, etc)
 8)  NF-kappaB/AP-1 and other related molecules in
       transcriptional regulation
 9)  Deletion of self-reactive TCR in the thymus as the mechanism
       for central tolerance
 10) Positive selection as the mechanism behind MHC-restriction

I would also include the importance of T lymphocyte costimulation
(and lack of it causing T cell tolerance).
 What do others feel?

Cytokines, cytokines, cytokines!!!
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'Scuse Please!

Sure add cytokines and costimulation, BUT (exhibiting personal bias... :-) 
) how about including complement, chemotaxis, inflammation as items 13, 14,
& 15?  Giving Shiv's request for cytokines the number 11th slot and 
costimulation the 12th? 

grumble... grumble... ::grin::

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