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Fri Feb 4 10:23:12 EST 1994

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magri892 at crow.csrv.uidaho.edu (Magrini Vincent J.) wrote:
> Does anyone know the pros and cons of producing mAb for PV sabin strains 
> using hybridomas vs ascites fluid?  Any input would a great help.
What will you use the antibody for?  
IMHO, if  you are using it for simple immunological procedures, FACS,
immunoprecipatation etc., ascites is wonderful.  Mg/ml quatities of ab are
possible.  The only cons I know of are that it can have various
contaminates from the host.  However, one pass with lipoclear and then
affinity chromatography of some sort (protein A or G for IgG) yields very
pure ab.  It clearly causes the mice pain but I know of no better way to
generate large quantities of antibody. 

Allen Black
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham
Dept. of Microbiology

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