Immunology/immunotoxicology Postdoc/Boston

david sherr dsherr at
Fri Feb 11 14:16:08 EST 1994

Immunology Postdoctoral Fellowship in Boston

     I have recently moved my laboratory from Harvard
Medical School to Boston University School of Medicine 
and am seeking an enthusiastic postdoctoral fellow to
investigate apoptosis in lymphocytes. In specific, we
are investigating intracellular signals (Ca2+ flux, protein
phosphorylation, and fas) that are responsible for activation of
the cell death program. While many of the studies involve
modeling of clonal deletion through cross-linking of T and
B cell surface receptors, a significant portion of the work
addresses the abiliyt of environmental pollutants to induce
apoptosis in immature lymphocytes. The latter studies
focus on a recently described receptor, the aromatic
hydrocarbon receptor, which plays a significant role in cancer.
Technologies available to the postdoctoral fellow include 
gene cloning, gene transfections, development of transgenenic
and gene knock-out mice, in situ hybridization, flow cytometry
western blotting, DNA mobility shift assays, PCR, and a
variety of standard immunologic techniques. Our laboratory 
collaborates closely with several other members of the 
Immunology Program at Bostniveniversity as well as with colleagues
at Harvard Medical School and M.I.T.. In short, we provide
an exciting and supportive environment in which a postdoctoral
fellow can develop a successful research career. 
     There are, however, 2 restrictions. Candidates must be U.S.
citizens and they must like baked beans. Minorities are 
encouraged to apply. Please respond to: dsherr at or send 
a C.V. to: David H. Sherr, Ph.D., Professor Environemental
Health, Professor of Pathology, Boston University School of 
Medicine, 80 East Concord St. (S-105), Boston, MA 02118

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