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David Haviland (David.Haviland at wrote:
: I have a crazy question for the group here...
: As an immunologist I was intrigued with the transplantation of the human 
: immune system into a SCID mouse.  If memory serve, I thought Irving 
: Weissman at Stanford had done this, got a Nature article out of it and 
: a few Nightly New spots.
: Did I just miss something or was his approach able to provide any 
: insights into the Pathology of AIDS?  BAsically, what became of the 
: study (and mice) after they were developed?

: Thanks in advance,David

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I am not an expert in the field, but your memory did not fail you.  Since 1988,
a couple of SCIDhu mice were developed and infected with HIV, the latest being
described in a J. Exp. Med paper (Feb 1994). In a nutshell, these studies show
that intraimplant inoculation with HIV leads to infection of the implanted 
human thymus, and that there is a depletion of thymocytes.  Moreover, it has
been shown that an implanted human thymus can become infected after peripheral
exposure to HIV.

This is all I know on this one.  I am not aware of any serious pathological
studies on the above mice.  If somebody else knows better, I would appreciate
the info.

Toufic Renno


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