Rabbit Anti-Tcell serum

Mark G. Torchia markt at sbrc.umanitoba.ca
Fri Feb 18 08:35:16 EST 1994


We require information about sources for Anti-Rabbit-T lymphocyte serum.

Does anyone have experience using such serum in vivo for inducing
lymphopenia in rabbits? (ie calculating an appropriate in vivo dose).

Additionally, most of the commercial sources we have found add sodium azide
as a preservative to their serum? Are there companies that offer their sera 
without preservative? I assume that the azide would be a significant 
toxicologic problem for the rabbits.

If sera with azide are the only ones available, how does one go about removing 
it?  Dialysis, extraction, other methods?

Thanks for your help. Hopefully I can return the favour sometime when you 
need info re: creation of surgical models? You can respond directly to me at
markt at sbrc.umanitoba.ca or by posting.   MGT

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