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> Help....
> We require information about sources for Anti-Rabbit-T lymphocyte serum.
> Does anyone have experience using such serum in vivo for inducing
> lymphopenia in rabbits? (ie calculating an appropriate in vivo dose).
> Additionally, most of the commercial sources we have found add sodium azide
> as a preservative to their serum? Are there companies that offer their sera 
> without preservative? I assume that the azide would be a significant 
> toxicologic problem for the rabbits.
> If sera with azide are the only ones available, how does one go about removing 
> it?  Dialysis, extraction, other methods?
> Thanks for your help. Hopefully I can return the favour sometime when you 
> need info re: creation of surgical models? You can respond directly to me at
> markt at sbrc.umanitoba.ca or by posting.   MGT
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Try Spring Valley Labs--they specialize in rabbit immune reagents.
FAX:410 795-2242; phone: 1-800-864-1839; ask for Mark Gordon--he is
particularily helpful

other possibilities: InterMedical Ont.
                     Biosource International
Good Luck
Kathryn Graham

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