Glicerol and proteins

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> In <2kg88u$1hp at> mpueyo at (Maria Pueyo) writes:
> >   Hi... A question:
> >A sample of proteins has glicerol in it. Has it any influence
> >in the mobility of the proteins??
> >And:    If it does... What is the cualitive and cuantitive effects??
>I would appreciate any answer or place where i can get the answer (publication)
> Hmm. Unless it leads to denaturing, it shouldnt; I use it and
> have seen it used most often as a cryoprotectant, and many enzymes
> are quite tolerant of it, even at 30% or so glycerol it doesnt
> seem to do any real harm to enzymatic activity.
> I am assuming you mean gel mobility, or in some other situation
> where it dilutes enough that its not a large percentage when the 
> movement is actually taking place. Some materials used for
> column supports are prone to large volume changes with changing
> solvent conditions, and glycerol can certainly induce such
> changes, this of course would affect retention times.
> >What is the meaning of life??
> Can't answer this one :)
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How about all the material USB has been putting out regarding glycerol
tolerant gel material.  I guess glycerol does affect the mobility of
molecules in a gel.  They have clearly shown it to affect in a sequencing
gel.  But with proteins, since such a fine resolution is usually not
required, it may not be of much practical importance. 
Raj Shankarappa
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