Glicerol and proteins

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>   Hi... A question:

>A sample of proteins has glicerol in it. Has it any influence
>in the mobility of the proteins??

>And:    If it does... What is the cualitive and cuantitive effects??

>I would appreciate any answer or place where i can get the answer (publication)

Hmm. Unless it leads to denaturing, it shouldnt; I use it and
have seen it used most often as a cryoprotectant, and many enzymes
are quite tolerant of it, even at 30% or so glycerol it doesnt
seem to do any real harm to enzymatic activity.
I am assuming you mean gel mobility, or in some other situation
where it dilutes enough that its not a large percentage when the 
movement is actually taking place. Some materials used for
column supports are prone to large volume changes with changing
solvent conditions, and glycerol can certainly induce such
changes, this of course would affect retention times.

>What is the meaning of life??

Can't answer this one :)

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