Circulation\Injury\Autoimmune System RELATIONSHIP?

FRANCES L. REW ad502 at freenet.HSC.Colorado.EDU
Thu Feb 24 07:12:04 EST 1994

What role does the autoimmune system play in rebuilding blood vessel walls afteran injury?

Is it possible that when the autoimmune system can block successful rebuilding of blood vessel walls?  Could flesh tumors be one result of improper repair of
blood vessel cell walls after an injury?

A friend of mine who plays an important role of in the lives of hundreds of people, has been struggling with increasing chronic pain for the last year and
a half.  My theory is that it is the result of a circulation impairment
caused by an old injury with permanently impaired blood vessels.  Has anyone
heard of any case studies that could substantiate, or contradict this theory?

She has a 1.5" diameter flesh tumor (about .5" high) about 2" above her left wrist.  Her symptoms are rapidly changing (within seconds) sensations of tingling then burning, then aching in from two to five ever changing locations on her
left hand and left arm.

The pain was not reduced with anti-inflammatory agents.  A year and a half ago
when she first reinjured her 14-year old flesh tumor injury area, the pain was
relieved with limiment.  The chronic pain has progressively increased since
then and is only relieved with Vicodin, Tylenol 3 w/codeine, and a tens unit.
The recent 3 treatments of acupuncture have increased the pain. 

One of the loudest clues that made me suspect circulation impairment is that
her left arm is rarely the same temperature as her right arm.  I compared the
two arms when we were sitting waiting for a meeting to start:  the left arm 
was hot (not warm, but hot) and the right arm was cool.  She was wearing her
tens unit at the time.  She told me it wasn't always hot, but she frequently
felt as if her left arm was "feverish."  

Throbbing in her left arm and hand fits into a random pattern with her symptoms
of tingling, burning and aching.

She bruises easily, and bruises take a long time to heal.  The needle bruise
from her blood test three months ago is still visible, but healing.

We would both appreciate any comments, case history comparisons, and/or

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