Rat IL-2 ELISA, rat B cell kills?

Shiv A. Prasad shiv at hiv.med.umn.edu
Thu Feb 24 17:56:55 EST 1994

Does anyone know of an ELISA for *rat* IL-2?  I have not come across this in
the usual catalogs (R&D, Pharmigen, etc.) and the ones for mouse IL-2 do not
cross-react with rat.

Also, does anyone have experience with complement kills on rat B-cells?  I'm
having awful luck with this, and would welcome any suggestions.  I use  Zymed 
rabbit anti-rat IgG+M and Cedarlane's rabbit complement, and I've tried 
titrating Ab, C', cell density, and time of incubation, and all that results 
is non-specific lysis.  [Ab] as high as 100ug/ml, C' at 1:10. and splenocyte 
density of 10 x 10^6/ml don't kill, neither does using a 2nd cross-linking Ab 
(Goat anti-rabbit).  I've considered using PLC to cleave the GPI-linked 
C'-inactivators such as DAF, before adding C', but I don't know if this would 
really help or just waste more time.

Thanks in advance.

Shiv A. Prasad				shiv at lenti.med.umn.edu
Dept. of Microbiology			pras0005 at student.tc.umn.edu
Univ. of Minnesota

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