Separation of Neutrophils from Human Blood

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Mon Feb 28 03:16:47 EST 1994

I'm posting the following reply for my brother.....

In article <nexejhey-270294164808 at> nexejhey at (Joachim Heymer) writes:
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>You should try a discontinous PERCOLL gradient of 55%/70%.
>PERCOLL is available from Sigma and Pharmacia.
>100% PERCOLL = stock solution of PERCOLL plus 0.9% w/v NaCl.

Has anyone tried the single step separation media from Cedarlane in
Canada and Accurate Chemical in the US? It's called Lympholyte-poly from
Cedarlane. Has anyone got it to work routinely?

Donald Wong
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Pathology, U.B.C.

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