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Dr. Colin R.A. Hewitt crah1 at leicester.ac.uk
Thu Jan 13 13:21:54 EST 1994

Re immunisation by nose picking

Many immunologists would suggest that an oral immunisation (that doesn't result in 
an infection-like polio) results instead in a state of immunological tolerance. That is 
the animal fails to mount an immune response to a rechallenge with  the substance 
that was used to immunise via the oral route.
A group in Boston is attempting to use this approach to investigate therapy for 
multiple sclerosis, which may be an immune mediated disease. I'm led 
to believe the treatment involves eating proteins derived from human spinal 
cord/brain. Although this could just be an immuno-myth.

Is it possible that the primates in question were picking parasites from their noses?  
When they groom each other they also eat their findings.

Hope this helps
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