Immunoflourescence in LCLs

unknown at unknown at
Thu Jan 13 13:19:54 EST 1994

Hello, I would like to utilize immunoflourescence to quantitate expression
of my antigen of interest in human lymphoblastoid cell lines (LCLs). The
problem seems to be that these cells are very nonadherent. I have tried
sticking them to the plate/slide using poly-lysine, but to no avail. Spinning
them hard against the surface, and fixing with paraformaldehyde were all
useless. I should also mention that my antigen is intracellular, or I would
probably just settle for FACS analysis. I am currently looking into the iuse
of a substance called Cell-Tak, made by Collaborative Biomedical Products. Any
suggestions, approaches, etc. would be very appreciated
Brett Lindenbach
brett at

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