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Fri Jan 14 10:32:32 EST 1994

I too have noticed that the immunologists newgroup is not terribly
active. IMHO one of the main reasons is that a lower proportion of
immunologists (than say, molecular biologists; I am both) have an easy
convenient hookup to INTERNET.   This would explain whgy I have
posted message , and not received a reply.  The methods and reagents
group, however, is quite active, with at least a dozen messages per
> How many immunologists subscribe to the bionet?
> Since I have been subscribing, the only immuno-subject aired has been the 
> possible ramifications of the digital investigation of the nostrils on the immune 
> system of primates.
> Is there anybody out there?
> Dr. Colin R.A. Hewitt
> University of Leicester/MRC
> Centre for Mechanisms of Human Toxicity
> Hodgkin Building
> PO Box 138
> Lancaster Rd
> LE1 9HN
> U.K.
> Phone +44 (0)533 525587
> Fax +44 (0)533 525616
> E-Mail crah1 at le.ac.uk.

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