nasal investigations

Shiv A. Prasad shiv at hiv.med.umn.edu
Thu Jan 13 22:06:14 EST 1994

In article <2h4pmb$hh at agate.berkeley.edu> frauwirt at mendel.Berkeley.EDU (Ken Frauwirth) writes:
>A similar study (by Trentham et al.), using oral administration of chicken
>type II collagen to tolerize rheumatoid arthritis patients, was published
>in the Sept. 24, 1993 issue of Science. 
>Ken Frauwirth                  BBB   IIIII    OO    K  K   EEEEE   N   N
>frauwirt at mendel.berkeley.edu   B  B    I     O  O   K K    E       NN  N

Oops, that's the one I meant, but I forgot to specify that it was the RA
and not the MS study.  The RA results were a lot more convincing than the 
MS results.  Sort of makes all of those expensive attempts to find Ag-specific
tolerance by inducing clonal anergy or deleting the autoreactive T cells seem
sort of superfluous doesn't it?  Feeding protein from the target tissue is
much cheaper, and doesn't have to be tailored to each patient's MHC alleles.


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