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M. Jane Harper jharper at itsa.ucsf.EDU
Sat Jan 15 14:05:21 EST 1994

Have read this thread with great interest, because I am not an
immunologist [and I don't even play one on TV <g>] but I graduated OSU '74
with a degree in immunology and, as you can imagine, everything I learned
is wrong^H^H^H^H^H incredibly naive.  I've kept up as much as a
non-specialist can with the HIV literature, since the epidemic and my
clinical career started at about the same time, but I'd love to hear what
the folks in this newsgroup feel are the pivotal discoveries that have
occurred _outside_ HIV research have been for, say the past 15 years.

Any takers?

Jane Harper, MS, RN, CCRN
Predoctoral Fellow, Physiological Nursing
University of California, San Francisco
jharper at
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