Aki Hohji ahohji at students.wisc.edu
Sat Jan 15 13:59:35 EST 1994

I like to estimate a number of CD4+ T cells loss resulted directly from a
replication of HIV in a lymphonode.  This turns out to be pretty complex
simply because there is not much known about a basic biology of the
lymphonode.  Anyhow, we know that a fraction of CD4+ T cells with hivDNA,
and a fraction of hivDNA+ CD4 T cells with vRAN in lymphondes from
asymptomatic as well as symptomatic HIV+ individuals (see Embretoson, et.
al. Nature 362:359).  In order to get a fairly good estimation, I need
following information:

1. a number of CD4+ T cells and macrophages in a lymphonode
2. total number of lymphondes in one individual
3. an average turnover rate of normal CD4+ T cells
4. a ratio of activated to the rest of CD4+ T cell population in a lymphonode
5. a toxic amount of vRNA in CD4+ T cells (and macrophage)

So, if any of you, out there, have any information on them, please let me
know. You can contact me directly to my e-mail address, or you can post you
info. in Immuno-net (which is better !!).  Also, if you have any comments,
suggestions, or better ways to do it, please send your ideas. Thanks !!

P.S. I've been listining to many opinions outthere as to how the
Bionet-Immnology  (I call it Immuno-net) should ue utilized.  I think the
Immunonet is not as bad as other Bionet such as HIV-Mol,and Cell Biol in
terms of amout of activity seen. I've been subscribing both HIV-mol and
Cell Biol for abount 2 months now, but I have not seen any signs of life in
those groups.  That is pretty pathetic !  Anyhow, If you'd like to see more
activity in the immuno-net, maybe, what we ought to do is to have somthing
like electric jounal club where we all have to pariticipate in discussion
on regular basis.  It does not have to be jounal club format. In fact,
there are other types of things that we can possibly do on the network. 
Give me a feedback on this.

Aki Hohji (ahohji at studnets.wisc.edu)
Dept. of Molecular Biology 
Dept. of Zoology
University of Wisconsin, Madison

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