Postdoctoral position in (Ancient) bone proteins

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Fri Jan 14 05:05:53 EST 1994

Postdoctoral Position Newcastle University (UK)

Following our identification of remnant osteocalcin in dinosaur and 
other fossil bones (Muyzer G. et al., 1992, Preservation of  the bone 
protein osteocalcin in dinosaurs, Geology, 20, 871-874), the PostDoc will 
investigate experimentally whether any of the proposed 'survival' 
mechanisms (e.g. physical entombment in recrystallised apatite, strong 
protein-mineral interaction) has the ability to significantly prolong 
chemical (and biological) degradation.  

The PostDoc will benefit from working in a new purpose built 
biomolecules facility, at new, large postgraduate research institute.  
The NRG comprises biochemists, molecular biologists, chemists and 
geochemists with research mainly focused towards integrated studies 
in environmental and petroleum geochemistry.

The PostDoc will be a chemist / biochemist with a background in 
protein research; experience in immunology, liquid chromatography, 
and chemical kinetics are all an advantage. The post is available 

For further details contact 
Dr. Matthew Collins, Fossil Fuels and Environmental Geochemistry 
(Postgraduate Institute) Newcastle Research Group (NRG), Drummond 
Building, University of Newcastle upon Tyne, NE1 7RU. 
Tel. (0)91 222 600 ext. 6852; (0)91 222 6855 (direct line). 
Email. m.collins at or m.collins at

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