Canine Neutrophil Isolation

mcveylab at vetmail.trotnet.vet.ksu.edu mcveylab at vetmail.trotnet.vet.ksu.edu
Mon Jan 17 16:01:49 EST 1994

I was wondering if anyone knew of a sure fire way to isolate *healthy* 
canine neutrophils from whole blood. I've tried Ficoll to localize the PMN's 
in the RBC layer and then a series of hypotonic lysis to remove the RBC's. 
I've also tried metrizamide (like ficoll but supposed to isolate 
granulocytes) centrifugation with no success. There is no procedure, or I am 
unable to find it. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

Matt Sylte
Graduate Student: Pathology and Microbiology
College of Veterinary Medicine, Kansas State University

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