Need anti-mouse IgG1 (CH1 domain) Mab/hybridoma line

Lawrence P. Casson lpcasson at phoenix.princeton.edu
Sun Jan 16 13:32:58 EST 1994

Greetings Netters,

I am in need of a monoclonal antibody that binds to the CH1 domain of
murine IgG1, specifically the CH1 domain of an Fab displayed on M13 phage.
It's okay if it cross reacts with the CH1 domain of other mouse
immunoglobulin heavy chains since I would be using it to capture Fab's.  I
have searched through Linscott's (supplements, too) and while there are
many reagents listed that bind IgG1, none have been characterized as far as
domain specificity.

I would not rather not use a polyclonal reagent from sheep, rabbit, goat
etc. since I have been working around crossreactivity of my primary
antibody (sheep anti-M13) to antisera from these species.  I've tried one
isotyping kit from HyClone which contains rabbit reagents and works
otherwise for whole antibodies.  If there was any signal, it didn't show up
above the background.  Unfortunately, I have so far been unsuccessful in
producing a mAb against M13, which would be especially useful since my
sheep anti-M13 seems to bind to other bacterial proteins besides M13 -
perhaps pillus proteins.

Thanks for any info.

(Sorry if you've already seen this post, but I think the first one never
made it past the machine responsible for posting news here.)

lpcasson at phoenix.princeton.edu

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