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dkatz at earth.doane.edu dkatz at earth.doane.edu
Tue Jan 18 16:46:48 EST 1994

Immunology news net readers, take pity on a molecular biologist.
I'm trying to determine how much volume of blood I need to beg from kindly
vets/animal technicians.  To do some of the Immuno. labs, my prep notes
say that I need to use such things as 10 % SRBC's.  When taking citrated blood
from a lamb, what does this translate as in actual blood volume.  I don't
ask lightly, I have looked (maybe missed it) in Antibodies, and in Hudson/Hay's
book as well.
I understand that this 2 % probably translates as 2 % of the packed cell
volume, but what is the conversion factor?
Please help.  I don't want to be so greedy that I cannot get any, nor do
I want to be so short that once I travel the 40 miles back to my lab, I
haven't enough to do the work.
Practical experience is lacking.  Please fill in the gaps.
Sue Katz, Biology,  Doane College, Crete NE
DKatz at Doane.edu.

Thanks.  Please respond ASAP.


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