Wanted - Antigen & Normal Ranges

arae at chmeds.ac.nz arae at chmeds.ac.nz
Wed Jan 19 22:38:01 EST 1994

I seem to be forever asking for things....

I am after a a source of Recombinant Human or Primate Glomerular Basement 
Membrane antigen for use in an ELISA assay.

Also some normal range data:
(for both Adults and Paediatrics)

1. Normal Range for Serum Gliadin Antibody Levels
		(both IgG and IgA)

2. Normal Range  for Serum Antibody Response to Pneumovax 23 vaccination.

Any help with these would be much appreciated.

Thank you.

I can be E-mailed at: AaronR%chs_path at chhlth.govt.nz

Aaron Rae
Immunology Department
Christcchurch Hospital
New Zealand

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