bull immunization

Scott Alexander Coonrod sac5001 at TAMUTS.TAMU.EDU
Thu Jan 20 12:19:48 EST 1994

I am planning an experiment in which I am using a purified 
fertilization-related sperm protein to immunize bulls to 
try to induce infertility. I would like to know how much
protein would be neccessary to generate an adequate immune
response. I would also like to know if I would need to use 
Freunds adjuvant for each immunization. Finally I would
like to know how high the antibody titer would have to be in 
the animals to get the desired response. I realize that 
there is no exact answer to these questions, however the
information is being used for a proposal so I just 
need general answers. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
		Regards Scott C. 
		sac5001 at tamuts.tamu.edu

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