Seeking Mab against CH1 domain of murine IgG

Lawrence P. Casson lpcasson at tucson.Princeton.EDU
Mon Jan 17 19:51:52 EST 1994

Dear Netters,

I am in search of a monoclonal antibody that binds to the CH1 domain of
murine IgG1.  I have searched Linscott's in vain.  Although there are
many Mabs listed that bind IgG1, none have their binding sites mapped to
a particular domain.  It is okay if there is cross reactivity to other
IgG isotypes.  The important thing is that it binds to Fab fragments of
antibodies from A/J mice.  (I don't know if there are any strain
specific allotypes in CH1.)

I have considered trying polyclonal reagents, such as those in isotyping
kits, but every polyclonal I have seen is from rabbit, goat, or sheep,
all of which result in cross-reactivity with other reagents I am using.
In particular, I'm having a devil of a time with sheep anti-M13, as it
seems to bind other bacterial antigens as well as M13 (it's

I have had the best luck using mouse and rat monoclonals for my ELISAs
and would prefer to stay with them for now, as I haven't had any success
producing a monoclonal antibody against M13.

Thanks for any info you can send my way.

lpcasson at phoenix.princeton.edu 

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