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>: Jane Harper writes:
>: I would list the following as an "Immunology Top Ten":
>:    (IMHO, of course)
>:  in no particular order,
>: 1)  "The Groove"- MHC structure and peptide binding site
>: 2)  The Immunoglobulin superfamily as a general structural model
>:          for receptors
>: 3)  Structure of the T-cell receptor (and associated CD3)
>: 4)  Gene rearrangment as the mechanism for generation of diversity
>: 5)  Mechanism of Superantigens
>: 6)  Role of Cell Adhesion Molecules in leucocyte extravasation
>: 7)  Signal transduction models for B and T cells (Ca++, IP3, tyr-p)
>:       and related identification of many tumor genes (myc, fyn, etc)
>: 8)  NF-kappaB/AP-1 and other related molecules in
>:       transcriptional regulation
>: 9)  Deletion of self-reactive TCR in the thymus as the mechanism
>:       for central tolerance
>: 10) Positive selection as the mechanism behind MHC-restriction
>I would also include the importance of T lymphocyte costimulation
>(and lack of it causing T cell tolerance).
> What do others feel?

Cytokines, cytokines, cytokines!!!

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