Allen Black medm003 at uabdpo.dpo.uab.edu
Thu Jan 27 18:02:03 EST 1994

Stuff Deleted
> I was wondering if anyone else thought bionet.immunology would
> benefit from a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) more specific
> than the bionet* FAQ if there is one.  
and more stuff deleted

   Hear! Hear!  I suggest that whoever wouldn't mind compiling it should
e-mail you .  I would not mind doing it for one. 
   BTW, what would be the groups recommendations for excellent History of
Immunology books/articles.  I've read Silverstien's History of Immunology
and liked it very much.

Allen Black
medm003 at uabdpo.uab.edu
Dept. of Microbiology
Univ. of Alabama at Birmingham

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