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On 26 Jan 1944, I posted :

"Can anybody suggest a practical protocol to purify mouse IgM by affinity 
chromatography?  Also, is there any better, simpler way?
To date, I've got three replies
>>Shuan D. Black <SHAUN%JASON.DECNET at> suggested :
	Sigma (and others, I presume) sells an anti-IgM antibody Sepharose
that can be used to purify IgM.  I believe they send directions with the
affinity phase.  Hope this can help you. 
>>Fred Garbrecht <fred at> wrote :
	I'm not aware of any great affinity method for IgM purification.	
Pierce Chemical is marketing some kind of IgM binding resin, but
I have not tried it (seemed very expensive when I looked into it).
Some IgMs may bind to ConA or G, so you may want to try a little
pilot experiment to see if your antibody binds.  We purify our
IgMs using a combination of precipitation (ammonium sulfate or
dialysis at low ionic strength), gel filtration, anion exchange, and
hydrophobic affinity columns.
>>Greg Denomme <denomme at fhs.csu.McMaster.CA> who has already post his 
answer to the net.

I wish to thanks them for their kind and useful suggestions.  Currently 
we are also using precipitation by ammonium sulfate followed by G-200 
column; but I find these steps to be time consuming.
Thanks again,

Santhat Lekhavadhanajai
Dept. of Microbiology, Faculty of Sciences
Mahidol University
Bangkok, Thailand

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