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Sat Jan 29 00:17:47 EST 1994

On 27 Jan 1994, George Johnson wrote:

> I was wondering if anyone else thought bionet.immunology would
> benefit from a FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) more specific
> than the bionet* FAQ if there is one.  For example, many
> questions concern protocols and where-do-I-find reagents,
> mAb, how-do-I-do this assay, what are the relevant databases
> (plug), the various texts on immunology which are good, etc etc.
> To keep interest, it would be more civil to point one in the
> direction of possible solutions like a FAQ than ignoring the
> post(er) etc.  Plus, there are tricks-o'-the-trade which might
> be useful to archive should they be from someone's personal
> experience in attempting various methods and discovering
> two grams of salt works better than one blah blah blah.
> What do you think?
> George
> (who would be more than happy to second a nomination on any
> one else other than himself to create and maintain such a
> list of FAQs)
>> I, for one, agree whole-heartedly with you; and I would nominate 
George as the FAQs curator.  Any other opinions?

Santhat Lekhavadhanajai
Dept. of Microbiology, Faculty of Sciences
Mahidol University
Bangkok, Thailand

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