Having Myasthenia Gravis

Stefan Prescher Prescher at heim1.tu-clausthal.de
Fri Jul 1 03:45:23 EST 1994

Hi !!
My name is Stefan. I am having a myasthenia gravis since 5 years but it is 
only diagnosted since two years. I am taking Mestinon (tm Roche) and I am 
doing most time fine. 4 mounth ago I had problems in arms, legs, eyes and also 
with breathing and so I went in Hospital and got an 7S-Immunglobulin therapy.
Actually it was a test from Bering named " 7s-Imunglobulin versus 
Methylpredisolon". If some one is interested I will give more information on 

Aktually I am searching for people, who have this sickness. I am in the German 
DMG  (German Myasthenia gravis foundation) but I liked to gert more contact to 
other Myasthenia patients.

Hope to hear from anyone 

Prescher at heim1.tu-clausthal.de 

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