$150 for your old book

Carl Oppedahl oppedahl at panix.com
Sun Jul 3 15:50:30 EST 1994

In <2utlq2$2jh at panix2.panix.com> oppedahl at panix.com (Carl Oppedahl) writes:

>Okay.  I have posted this two times now and received no response.  SO
>the price just went up, now to $100.  Yes, $100 to the person who gets
>up out of his or her chair and locates their old copy of Maggio (CRC
>Press, 1980 edition) on Immunoassay.

>Email to me, or call 1-800-214-1750.

Now up to $150.  Can't someone be bothered to look over those dusty old
books in their attic to find this one?

>Carl Oppedahl AA2KW  
>Oppedahl & Larson (patent lawyers)
>Yorktown Heights, NY  
>voice +1-212-777-1330  
Carl Oppedahl AA2KW  
Oppedahl & Larson (patent lawyers)
Yorktown Heights, NY  
voice +1-212-777-1330  

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