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It would depend on the types of things you are sensitive to. Sept
thru May in TX would suggest sensitivity to cedar pollen, which is a
big season in TX. I would think that colleges in cold climates (in
the Northeast) would minimize you reactivity, if your symptoms are
secondary to pollen. If you are allergic to house dust mites and
other allergens which are indoor, then that suggestion of the
northeast might eliminate the severity of your symptoms but not all
of your symptoms.

I would expect that you would have been prescribed Intranasal
Steroids. I'd expect that that, combined with an intraocular
antihistamine, such as Vasocon A, plus a nonsedating antihistamine,
would all result in additive symptomatic relief. Densensitization
therapy might help, but if are showing relief after 2 years, you are
probably not going to be a responder.

Drop me a note, if you want some more info. 

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