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>I would expect that you would have been prescribed Intranasal
>Steroids. I'd expect that that, combined with an intraocular
>antihistamine, such as Vasocon A, plus a nonsedating antihistamine,
>would all result in additive symptomatic relief. 

Sounds good to me.  I follow this regime & I can usually go 
backcountry & camping at will.

>therapy might help, but if are showing relief after 2 years, you are
>probably not going to be a responder.

Note of caution here - I tried this & it not only didn't work for
me but I think I ended up acquiring cross-reactivity to cats [a 
REAL bummer !! :( ] and house dust mites.  Luckily this doesn't 
seem to be too severe, but I would heartily recommend you get 
several opinions - friends suggest that [greater] age is a 

Best of luck with your treatment,

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