IMMUNOFAN review - references added

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Mon Jul 4 10:50:11 EST 1994


In addition to previous review

1. "Changes in Levels of Specific IgG, IgA, IgM and IgE During
    Treatment of Patients with Chronic Brucellosis"
    by A.K.Suleimanov and al., pp. 644-646,
in 'Soviet Archive of Internal Medicine" vol. 64, No. 6, 1992.

2. "Immunorehabilitive Effect Thymohexin in Treatment of Chronic
   Brucellosis patients" by V.I.Pokrovsky and al., p.648-651,
in the same magazine.

   If you interest: Valentin Ivanovich Pokrovsky is
the President of Russian Academy of Medical Science.
   Thymohexin is the synonym of IMMUNOFAN.

   I know nothing else publications in English. Of cause, there
are much more in Russian. If you have Cyrillic screen/printer
driver, I'll send you the list of Russian references, if you want.

Vladimir Bolibok

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