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J Matthew Buchanan (jbuchana at wrote:

: OK guys, I sat idly by this month hoping that someone would initiate a 
: discussion afte  I posted the article, but.....

: Seems like everyone was interested in the idea, but didn't want to actually do 
: it.

: Was it the paper, oranything else that could be remedied?

: Come on guys, this could be very interesting with a little effort....

: Matt
Thymocyte Apoptosis. I e-mailed to Matt but I'll post too

1) Microbiol. Immunol 37: 917  1993 Thymocyte Apoptosis
2)J. of Immunology 152:1674 1994 Role of DNA Fragmentation in Tcell....
3) Cell 54:561 1988 Analysis of Host-Virus interactions in AIDS...
4)cell 78:777 1994 An Evolutionary Perspective on Apoptosis
5) J. of Virology 68:390 1994 APoptosis induced in CD4+Cells...
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