adjuvants for use with mice

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Subject: adjuvants for use with mice
From: Robert Burns, burns at
Date: 6 Jul 1994 07:43:37 -0700
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>Does anybody know if the Ribi adjuvant system has any advantages 
>over Titermax when used for mouse immunisations.


It is my understanding that RIBI was specifically designed to give a good
immune response without the harmful side effects that you can encounter
with Freund's adjuvant.  It is a modification of Freund's.  The prime
objective in the development of Titermax was to come up with an adjuvant
that would give an immune response that would be equal to or better than
Freund's with only one injection  of the antigen and adjuvant.  Obviously
one injection would be healthier for the mice than 3 or 4 or more.  Both
RIBI and Titermax are cost prohibitive compared to Freund's.  I tried
both adjuvants, figuring if I got a much better immune response and it
was more humane, it would be worth the price.  The mice seemed happier
with both, but did not develop immune responses that were significantly
higher than the Freund's.  As with most technical data, the results seem
to be exaggerated.

Jill Schaller
University of Michigan Hybridoma Facility

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