JC: July, 1994 - Article Announcement

J Matthew Buchanan jbuchana at magnus.acs.ohio-state.edu
Thu Jul 7 08:46:23 EST 1994

Ok immunonetters, lt's try this again.  I have received many messages stating 
hy eople could not participate last month.  Ok, all are forgiven!!!  This is 
gonna take som time and effort, but i think w can get something out of it if we
stick to it!  Let's make it fun.

I have decided to resubmit the article for Jun since we did not discuss it.

The article is:

"Impaired Interlukin 12 Production in human Immunodeficiency Virus-Infected 
Patients"   J. Exp. Med. 179:1361-1366.

I pickeed this article for several reasons:
     1)It spans experimental and clinical immunology - something that will be
       important in getting maximal participation from our diverse group.
     2)It addresses (indirectly, of course) a curent 'Hot Topic' in Immunology
       namely, the TH1, TH2 division.
     3)It is a Brief Definitive Report - no excuses forr not reading!

That's it -- Let's go!  If nobody posts in a few days, I will post some 
comments to get the ball rolling (I need to reread the article first!)

Also, I hav received and am keeing track of suggestions for articles for future
months.  Kep thm coming in for August.

Thanks All!


p.s. It's not my tying, it's my kyboard!

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