July Journal Club

Thu Jul 7 08:04:06 EST 1994

>Can someone provide some insight as to the July Journal Club.  I remember
>seeing some posts about why nothing took off last month; and, so far, I've
>seen two posts suggesting some articles for July.
>Have any of these been decided upon?
>Duane P Tubbs

        J. Mathew Buchanan has taken on the unenviable task of getting
the immunology JC going. The paper for June was J. Exp. Med. 179. 1361, which
was on Interleukin 12. I have suggested to Mathew that he give this a retry for
July. In any case, anyone who wants to start discussing the June paper can do
so at any time, beginning his/her communication with "JC-June: IL12...."

                         Sincerely,   Don Forsdyke
                                      Discussion Leader. Bionet.immunology

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