Chris Jones Chris.Jones at nottingham.ac.uk
Thu Jul 14 10:14:28 EST 1994

Please excuse my ignorance but could someone tell me what are the differences 
(by which I mean sensitivity, specificity etc. rather than the mechanics) 
between developing an ELISA vs. RIA. I have noted that there appear to be more 
commercial kits for RIA available, certainly from Peninsula, but my lab would 
prefer to avoid Radioisotopes. If there is an RIA kit commercially available 
is it possible to pocket the serum and develop an ELISA?
         I have recently been supplied with a rabbit polyclonal serum and need 
to set up a quantitative assay from scratch. Would it be as easy to set up an 
ELISA than an RIA. 

Excuse my ignorance again I am just a poor molecular biologist!

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