$300 for your book

Carl Oppedahl oppedahl at panix.com
Sat Jul 16 17:55:04 EST 1994

In <301ehc$sgb at panix2.panix.com> oppedahl at panix.com (Carl Oppedahl) writes:

>Okay, the price just went up again.  Who can be bothered to locate their
>old outdated copy of Enzyme Immunoassay, CRC Press, 1980, edited by
>Maggio.  Two hundred dollars to the person who sells me their copy.

And yet again.  $300.  Three hundred dollars to someone who can locate a
copy of that old book for me.  

Come on ... can't somebody find a use for $300 around here?

Look at it this way -- even if you don't personally have a copy of the
book, maybe you know some who does.  You and your friend could split the

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