Self/nonself discrimination

Ken Frauwirth BioKen frauwirt at mendel.Berkeley.EDU
Sun Jul 17 20:35:07 EST 1994

Although antigen presenting cells (APC's) are made more effective by
opsonization and Ab/Fc-receptor interactions (or, in the case of B cells,
binding of antigen to speicific cell-surface receptors), they are perfectly 
capable of presenting "random", soluble proteins, including serum proteins.  
We use the B cell hybridoma LK35.2 as an APC in our lab, and it is quite
competent at presenting ovalbumin and hen-egg lysozyme to T cells.

In the absence of specific antibodies (as is likely to be the case early 
in an immune response to a "new" antigen), APC's can pick up proteins using 
pinocytosis.  Apparently dendritic cells (in the thymus) are particulary 
good at this.

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