Self/nonself discrimination

Jose Roberto M C da Silva jrmcdsil at FOX.CCE.USP.BR
Mon Jul 18 09:08:38 EST 1994

I would like to ask, what the concept of self discrimination in=20
invertebrates, that do not posses linfocytes, and may recognize self from=
non self?

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On 16 Jul 1994, Ephraim Fuchs wrote:

> Please help me with this question:
> One of the cardinal features of the immune system is its ability to=20
> discriminate self from nonself.  Recent experimental evidence suggests=20
> that a two signal model of lymphocyte activation is the biological basis=
> for S/NS discrimination.  For CD4+ T cells, signal two is delivered by=20
> the antigen presenting cell.
> Here is the question:
> Since antigen presenting cells take in antigens randomly from their=20
> environment, how is their delivery of signal two regulated so as to=20
> achieve a self/nonself discrimination?

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