Somatic Mutations

Stacy Ferguson sferguso at
Thu Jul 21 04:36:23 EST 1994

In article <30ae89$v0d at> njs at (Neil Slater) writes:
>   I would appreciate any info (or references) on possible molecular basis
>of somatic mutations within immunoglobulin genes. I have done a medline
>search but have not had a lot of luck at finding anything solid.
>						Thanks in advance,
>						Neil Slater

That's because you're trying to get information on one of the few "big 
picture" problems left to be solved in molecular immunology. There just isn't
much known about how it occurs. Why it occurs? Probably. When it occurs,
yes. But not how it occurs. No real progress there, unfortunately. You may 
find hypotheses (DNA pols with error-prone features built in, gene conversion,
etc., but nothing for which there's good evidence). 


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