$350 for your book

mdcabl at cc.newcastle.edu.au mdcabl at cc.newcastle.edu.au
Sat Jul 23 03:24:24 EST 1994

First I have to say I don't have a copy.  Wish I did though.  I have to wonder
though, why the neccessity of the book itself.  I know its none of my business,
but I am curious.  I can suggest using rare/antique book dealers though.  They
have access to thousands of out of print books.  However, their prices are
usally quite high.  They also have access to defunct library's stock.  I used a
couple before and they always seem to find whatever I have requested.  Another
possibility is interlibrary loan.  Sometimes they will let you get reference
works.  A final possibility is CRC press itself.  They may have a few copies
laying around in a warehouse.  Anyway, good luck with it! 
>Stuff Deleted<
> And still again.  $350.  Three hundred fifty dollars to someone who can find
> an actual physical copy of that old book (not a photocopy) for me.
> Thousands of copies of that book were printed.  No one is able to find
> even one copy?
> Grad students!  Go talk with your professors to see if they have it in
> their attics!  
Allen Black
Dept. of  Pathology
Univ. of Newcastle
mdcabl at cc.newcastle.edu.au

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