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Sat Jul 23 16:52:23 EST 1994

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[following up to my post offering money for an old book.]

>First I have to say I don't have a copy.  Wish I did though.  I have to wonder
>though, why the neccessity of the book itself.  I know its none of my business,
>but I am curious.  I can suggest using rare/antique book dealers though.  They
>have access to thousands of out of print books.  However, their prices are
>usally quite high.  They also have access to defunct library's stock.  I used a
>couple before and they always seem to find whatever I have requested.  

Yes, I tried that a bit with no luck so far.

>possibility is interlibrary loan.  Sometimes they will let you get reference

Yes, but not to keep.  I am looking for a book to keep.

>A final possibility is CRC press itself.  They may have a few copies
>laying around in a warehouse. 

Turns out they don't (I tried that).

They have authorized some little company to sell photocopies of the
hardbound original, and I have a photocopy from that company.

> Anyway, good luck with it! 

Thank you.

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