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Tue Jul 26 15:56:50 EST 1994

Greetings immunonetters.

Ok, I've seen some recommendations for immunology texts, but now I
have a question about journals.

I'm an undergraduate (mathematics/bio minor) with a strong interest in
immunology.  I have a reasonable background in biology and will hopefully
be doing a master's in virology/immunology after this next year.

What I'm looking for are recommendations for one or two immunology journals
that are beyond the "popular science" level, but won't make me go broke.
I've seen the subscription rates on some of the journals in our library,
but $150 - $200 is a bit out of my range.

Basically, I'd like to keep up with some of the current reasearch in the
immunology world, and journals are a convient way.

Replies via e-mail to 94smith at would be appreciated!


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