Kombucha and Immune system

Robert D Carver carveb at netcom.com
Thu Jul 28 00:22:16 EST 1994

Robert D Carver (carveb at netcom.com) wrote:
: My wife has been taking Kombuch mushroom tea for the past two weeks to 
: see if it would have a positive effect w/ her CFS(CFIDS, ME) condition.  
: She reports this week as the best week she has had in 3.5+ yrs and if she 
: misses a dose she can feel the difference.  I also have heard of some 
: people w/ aids that have had a substantial increase in T-cell count.
: Has anyone had similar experiences?
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:   carveb at netcom.com
:   Bob Carver
:   Dallas, TX
If Kombucha has a positive effect on some people's T-Cell count would it 
necessarily have a positive effect on someones B-Cell count?
  carveb at netcom.com
  Bob Carver
  Dallas, TX

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