ELISA Plate Washers

Donna Munoz O'Regan dmoregan at genpharm.com
Thu Jul 28 13:23:15 EST 1994

        Reply to:   RE>ELISA Plate Washers
I posted this question a few months ago and didn't receive any response, but
since then we've had many many demos and tested most of the ELISA plate washers.
 Our choice was the EL404 by BioTek.  We feel it's the best washer and
surprisingly, it was the most inexpensive!  

Date: 7/27/94 8:02 PM
To: Donna Munoz O'Regan
From: dexper at WRAIR-EMH1.ARMY.MIL
   Our lab is considering buying an ELISA plate washer to replace one that 
is constantly breaking down.  This could cost us $5000-$6000, so I would
greatly appreciate it if we could have some advice.  If you are using one
currently and would like to recommend it, please respond publicly or by
e-mail.  Our highest priority is reliability, not the ability to wash
large numbers of plates or set up many programs.  Thanks in advance.

                                          Jack Komisar
                                          dexper at wrair-emh1.army.mil

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