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Andreas Schroeder andi at medi.rhein-main.de
Fri Jul 29 15:03:34 EST 1994

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barbeauj at AMALGAME.MEDENT.UMONTREAL.CA (Jean Barbeau) writes:
>I am working on the preparation of salivary glands mononuclear cell 
>suspension.  After a 60 minutes collagenase (type II) digestion we use a 
>cell strainer.  However we cannot obtain a suspension clean enough to use 
>gradient density separation (percoll or lympholyte M).  We have problems 
>with cell clumping.  Does anyone have a solution.

Cell clumping after collagenase digestion may occur due to presence of DNA 
from the cell debris. DNA is a very long molecule which may clump the cells.
I never tried it, but I was told that supplementing the suspension with
DNA'se can dissolve the clumps.

Andreas Schroeder

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